5 Best Video Editing Software Used By Youtubers

Video Editing Software Used By Youtubers. Video editing became the need of the YouTuber, if you have a passion to create videos and you want to create and edit your video so don’t worry we will help you in your journey.

Today we will tell you the best free video editing software that’s absolutely free, you don’t need to pay any single amount to use them.

5 Best Video Editing Software Used By Youtubers

1. OpenShot

2. Windows Movie Maker

3. HitFlim Express

4. iMOvie

5. Shotcut

1. OpenShot

OpenShot is a free platform for those who want to create and edit a beautiful video, this software available on 3 platforms. If you use Linux then you also can use this software in Linux, this software is also available for Mac, and third, you also can use this software for the Windows operating system.

Features of OpenShot

  • Animation & Keyframes
  • Trim & Slice
  • Cross-Platform
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Waveforms
  • Title Editor
  • 3D Animation
  • Slow Motion & Time Effect
  • Edit Video
  • Available in 70+ Language’s
  • Simple User Interface

2. Windows Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker is only for window user, if you use basic laptops then you easily can use this software without any problem. If you don’t know how to edit videos then you should use windows movie maker software, this software is a very simple and basic software for beginners.

Features of Windows Movie Maker

  • Merge Two Videos
  • Merge Photo Between Video
  • Merge Animation Between Video
  • Trimming Videos
  • Extracting Video From A Given Video
  • Available In 64 Languages

3. Hitflim Express

This software is so popular and very useful for video editing, this software is available for windows and Mac both. This software is a little bit hard to use, but it provides good features. If you want to edit high-level videos like short movies or songs then you should use HitFlims Express, HitFlim Express provide you all the features that you want in a video clip or in a song.

Features Hitflim Express

  • Built-In Voice Recorder
  • Full 2D and 3D Composting
  • 419+ Effects and Presets
  • Free Video Tutorial and Projects
  • Unlimited Tracks and Transitions
  • Available For Windows and Mac
  • Color Correction & Grading
  • File Handling
  • Free Training & Support

4. iMovie

The next software is iMovie, iMovie only works on Apple MacBook. iMovie made by Apple for their users, this is a very simple software anyone can use this software without knowing how to use the software.

If you have an apple laptop and you are an apple user, and you want to edit videos then you should use this software.

Features of iMovie

  • Extra Special Effects
  • High Friendly Filters
  • Soundtracks, Simplified
  • Easy From The First Scene To Last
  • Edit Like A Pro
  • Transport Yourself With Green Screen Effects

5. Shotcut

The last software is shotcut, shotcut is basic and simple software for beginners. Shotcut software provides more features as compared to other software, if you want to edit your video like a pro then you should use shotcut software.

Features of shotcut

1. Wide-format support

  • Frame Accurate Seeking For Many Formats
  • Multi-Format Timeline Mix and Match Resolution and Frame Rates Project
  • Webcam Capture
  • Audio Capture
  • Support For 4k Resolution

2. Audio Features

  • Audio Scope, Loudness, Peak Meter
  • Volume Control
  • Audio Mixing Across All Tracks
  • Crossfade Audio and Fade Video From To Black With Easy To Use Fader Controls
  • Track Of The Timeline

3. Video features

  • Video Composition Across Video Tracks
  • Audio Rotate
  • Eyedropper Tool To Pick Neutral Color For White Balancing
  • Reverse A Clip

4. Editing features

  • Trimming On Sources Clip Player Or Timeline With Option
  • Hide, Mute, and Lock Track Controls
  • Multi-Track Timeline With Thumbnail and Waveforms
  • Drag and Drop File From The File Manager
  • Multi-Select Items In The Playlist and Timeline
  • Low-Resolution Proxy Editing To Improve The Speed Of Seeking and Eliminating or Minimize Scaling

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