Most Popular Trading Software in India 2021

As we know that trading has a wide role in any country, many people want to do trading but they don’t have proper guidance so that’s why they are not able to do trading. Today we will tell you some best trading software in India you can use and start trading without any cost.

Trading is growing day by day, now people want to invest their money rather than keep it in the bank. Because the people know to keep it in the bank money will not grow, but most of the people are beginners they don’t know where they should invest which software they should use. So you don’t need to worry about investing your money because we will tell you the best trading software in India.

But before I would like to tell you, you have to keep remember some things before choosing any trading software.

You have to keep remember these things before choosing any trading software.

  1. What is your requirement?
  2. Can you do auto trading by using that software?
  3. Where you will get feed?
  4. What does your feed cost?
  5. Is an indicator available in the software?
  6. Is real-time feed available in the software?

Most Popular Trading Software in India 2021

1. MetaTrader 4
2. Amibroker
3. Ninja Trader
4. MetaStock
5. eSignal

1. MetaTrader 4

The first trading software is MetaTrader 4, which is the most popular used software in India. In this software, you will get all the basic features like feed cost, a real-time feed, etc.

You can open a free account on MetaTrader 4 and start your trading.

Features Of MetaTrader 4

  • Powerful trading system with support for 3 execution modes and 8 order types
  • You will get an unlimited number of the chart and 50+ analytics tools
  • You can track where you can buy indicators for and trading robots
  • You can copy deals of other traders
  • You will get news and alerts information about the market
  • You can access to forex from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day
  • You can open up to 10 charts simultaneously

2. Amibroker

Amibroker is another good trading software, this software is specialized in technical analysis. In this software you can test your trading system on multiple securities using the realistic account, you also can use the current portfolio to calculate new trade size.

Features Of Amibroker

  • True portfolio-level backtesting
  • Dynamic portfolio level position sizing
  • Rotational trading
  • Flexible built-in stops
  • True portfolio level optimization
  • Fast and eye-pleasing
  • Walk forward testing
  • Object-oriented drawing tools
  • Drag and drop indicator creation
  • All classic indicator include
  • Referring to multiple symbol data in one chart
  • Chart playback
  • Unlimited time & sales windows
  • High low-rank bar chart

3. Ninja Trader

Another software is ninja trader, in this software, you will get some discounts and low-cost trading.

Features Of Ninja Trader

  • Discount pricing
  • Low margins
  • Low minimum
  • Free platform
  • Unlimited simulated futures trading
  • Unfiltered professional market data
  • Free 24 hours emergency trade desk

4. MetaStock

Another software is MetaStock, this software is designed specifically for swing and position traders. In this software, you can track your real-time data.

Features Of MetaStock

  • Market data and news
  • Real-time trader
  • Position and swing traders
  • Page layouts
  • Templates
  • Built-in toolbar
  • The objective-oriented interface
  • Meta stock indicator
  • Adaptive indicator
  • The performance system
  • Meta stock powerful tools
  • The MetaStock explorer

5. eSignal

The last software is eSignal, in this software you can watch trends and set your strategy, and execute your best trades without missing a beat. In this software, you can also analyze the market faster with use a friendly, customizable chart that allows you to create charts your way.

Features Of eSignal

  • Never miss an opportunity
  • Tick level data
  • Institutional level analytical tools
  • Advanced charts and drawing tools
  • Customize your chart
  • Your choice of broker

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