5 Best Online Payment Methods In India

As we know that we need a payment method in our business or any other work, there are so many payment methods available in the market.

But today we will tell you the 5 Best Online Payment Methods In India that you can use for your business or any other work.

5 Best Online Payment Methods In India

  1. PayPal
  2. Paytm
  3. 2Checkout
  4. Skrill
  5. Razor Pay

1. PayPal

Every day all around the world PayPal connects hundreds of millions and people spending sending and receiving billions of dollars.

To get started with PayPal link your favorite debit cards, credit cards, and bank account to your PayPal account, once they’re linked you won’t need to enter them or your shipping info again.

When you’re shopping online look for the PayPal button at checkout use your PayPal password and skip entering your bank card and shipping it fine and with one touch you’ve got another option to check out even faster

Features Of PayPal

  • Free return shipping
  • Shop with PayPal
  • 180-Day buyer protection
  • One account for shipping worldwide
  • Skip the logins

2. Paytm

Paytm is the best Online Payment Methods In India, Paytm has always helped you in making safe and quick payments at grocery stores, petrol pumps, restaurants,s and many more places with its seamless QR code feature, enhancing the experience further Paytm introduces the all-new QR code scanner.

Apart from allowing you to make fast and secure ATM payments the improved OR code experience will also read other non-PT and OR codes, helping you browse web links.

Features Of Paytm

  • Mobile recharge
  • Electricity recharge
  • Metro recharge
  • Movie tickets
  • Credit bill payment

3. 2Checkout

As an online business nothing is more important than completing a sale but how do you control customers’ experience so they complete the purchase and keep coming back.

How do you create an experience that’s both comfortable and familiar for your customer by choosing checkout for your online payment processing your customers around the world will have a completely localized buying experience to checkout ads features to your online business that engages the customer and decrease abandonment and that makes it simple sell and services globally.

2Checkout allows you to customize your checkout to deliver a consistent brand experience across all devices, it integrates with dozens of the most popular online shopping carts invoicing systems.

It adds fraud prevention to protect you and your customers at the highest level possible and it features a free app that lets you monitor and manage your account from your mobile device.

2Checkout also equips to sell globally letting customers make purchases in any of eight payment methods including credit cards debit cards and PayPal in 15 languages and in 26 different currencies.

2Checkout has simplified pricing with rates as low as 2.9 percent you will always know what you’re paying, so there are no surprises.

Features Of 2Checkout

  • Go global
  • Grow recurring revenues
  • Leverage distribution channels
  • Partner with a trusted industry leader
  • Maximum customer lifetime value
  • Accelerate time to market

4. Skrill

The smart way to store your money securely online and send or spend it around your world to get started choose a currency for your account and deposit money from your debit or credit card your bank account is from a selection of alternative deposit methods with your balance you can then send money to friends or family buy goods and services online or transfer into Cryptocurrency.

Sending your scroll balances is fast cheap and simply enter the recipient email address choose how much you want to send and that’s it the money will be in their Skrill account instantly.

Use Skrill to send money directly to a bank account overseas for free.

Spend your money online wherever you see Skrill in the checkout whether your world is a poker casino, sports, or forex cash out of the poker room move money on your trading platform, and transfer it back to your bank account all within the seconds.

Skrill is the Online Payment Methods In India lets you convert your balance into cryptocurrency by Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, aetherium, and more and sell back again with speed and ease it’s completely secure and because it’s instant you can take advantage of price movements as and when they happen perfectly for crypto experts or anyone looking for a safe and easy way to get started.

Features Of Skrill

  • Explore skrill account levels
  • Send it, spend it and store it
  • The only wallet for money mover and makers

5. Razor Pay

A new converged payment solution that addresses the entire length and breadth of the payment journey.

Razorpay provides an efficient end-to-end solution for businesses, Razorpay’s smart collection reduces manual intervention.

Razorpay subscription helps manage scheduled payments, Razorpay invoices efficiently collect payments from customers.

Features Of Razorpay

  • Instant activation
  • Easy Integration
  • API driven
  • 100+ payment modes
  • Simple pricing
  • Best in industry support
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Secure

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