As we know that we have to create a workplace environment in the office, so you can create with the help of some gadget.

Today we will tell you 12 SECRET OFFICE GADGETS YOU MUST HAVE IN 2021 that will help you in your office.


  1. CUBII
  2. Cubinote
  3. Time Flip 2
  4. Smart Desk 3
  5. Microsoft Surface Hub 2S
  6. Infinity Levitating Spinning
  7. Duex Pro Portable Laptop Monitor
  8. Czur Scanner
  9. Tap Keyword
  10. Ho Elite Display Curved Monit.or
  11. Timechi
  12. Sidekick


Exercise is so important for a person, but if you go office, it’s difficult for you to do exercise so you can use this gadget in this situation.

This is a paddle you can exercise of your foot by moving these paddle.

If we talk about the size of the paddle, you can use this paddle at any where.

Features Of CUBII

  • Desk exercise compact elliptical
  • Set & track fitness goals
  • Portable elliptical
  • Mini exercise bike
  • Whisper quiet seated elliptical

2. Cubinote

If you want to do tagging your important document then you can use this OFFICE GADGETS.

This is a mini printer that will help you to tag your favorite documents.

You can print a small tag with the help of this printer, you just need to give instructions from your phone.

Features Of Cubinote

  • Capture anything on your phone
  • Cubinote doesn’t need ink
  • Print from any device
  • The thermal paper is available

3. Time Flip 2

Time is so important for every work profession, if you want to utilize your time then you have to track your time progress.

If you also want to track your time then you should use this OFFICE GADGETS.

In this OFFICE GADGETS, you will get different types of phases, you just need to keep the phase on the top then it will start recording your time automatically.

Features Of Time Flip 2

  • Embedded LED for instant visual feedback on your time status
  • Pomodoro timer to split work in sprints for maximum efficiency
  • Top on the function to pause
  • Integrated data analytics to optimize your productivity profile

4. Smart Desk 3

I know you have seen many tables, but I’m sure you haven’t seen this type of table.

This tablet comes with a touch screen interface, you can customize this tablet according to your choice.

5. Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

This is a projector gadget, if you want to an advance project then you should use this.

This is a advance projector, you will get a touch screen in this projector.

Features Of Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

  • Modular and updateable
  • 4k cemera
  • Far filed microphones
  • 20 points multi-touch
  • Surface hub 2 cemera
  • Surface hub 2 pen
  • Surface hub 2 fingerprint reader
  • Surface slim pen

6. Infinity Levitating Spinning Top

If you want something different in your office then you should use this gadget.

This is a time pass gadget, it will look very attractive when you will put on the table.

7. Duex Pro Portable Laptop Monitor

If you want to dual screen in your laptop you should use this gadget.

This is a dual-screen gadget, this gadget can convert your laptop screen into a dual-screen.

Features Of Duex Pro Portable Laptop Monitor

  • Adjustable portable dual screen
  • Innovative mounting mechanism
  • Boost productivity by 50%
  • Accommodate changeable space and need
  • Enhanced quality

8. Czur Scanner

This is a very small scanner, you can use this scanner anywhere.

This scanner comes with advanced algorithm and you can scan any document.

Features Of Czur Scanner

  • It is a fast and professional overhead book scanner that supports up to A3 format
  • The v-cradle helps to protect scanning objects

9. Tap Keyword

If you don’t want to use a physical keyboard then you can use this smart keyboard.

You just need to wear this gadget on your fingers after that you can control your whole keyboard.

Features Of Tap Keyboard

  • All in one plug and play wearable keyboard
  • Type into any environment
  • Full keyboard support
  • Ambidextrous
  • Fully customizable

10. Hp Elite Display Curved Monitor

If you want a monitor for your professional work then you can use this monitor.

In this monitor, you will see a pop webcam that will work to help you to do meetings or any other task.

Features Of Hp Elite Display Curved Monitor

  • Get a slim, 34 inches diagonal QHD curved display with a barely three-sided micro edge that’ll become the star attraction on any desk
  • Collaborate in crystal clear sound and video with Skype for business
  • Say hello to simple
  • Drive power to and get video from your ho Elite
  • Four speaker

11. Timechi

Timechi your desktop companion productivity device designed to help you focus.

Based on scientifically proven techniques such as timeboxing and the promo do the method.

Timechi creates the perfect environment for deep work, creativity and collaboration.

Timechi puts you into a do not distrub mode, pausing all notification and blocking access to times wasting website.

Timechi also lets you know when you’re in deep work and when to come back and act as a gentle reminder to take regular breaks.

Track your performance with your very own personalized dashboard, just like a Fitbit for your productivity.

Features Of Timechi

  • Block digital distraction that hinders your productivity
  • Improve productivity through deep work
  • Reduce physical interruption that makes you close focus
  • Boost well being and creative
  • Work from home without temptation
  • Track time to reach full productivity potential
  • Get productivity analytics to improve performance

12. Sidekick

If you use a tablet with your laptop then you should use this gadget.

When we use a tablet with a laptop we can’t feel comfortable, so in this situation, you can use this gadget.

This is a stand, you can use them and put your tablet.

Features Of Sidedesk

  • Fits on any desk
  • All logistics handled
  • Meeting mode
  • Focus mode

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