5 Best Invoice And Billing Software 2021

Invoice And Billing is the important part of any business, so today we will tell you 5 best billing and invoicing software for your business.

5 Best Invoice And BillingSoftware 2021

  1. FreshBooks
  2. Zoho
  3. PayPal Invoicing
  4. QuickBooks
  5. Microsoft

1. FreshBooks

Most of the business wastes hours invoicing every month it can be a total chore and sometimes creates even more work, when you have to send reminders and chase down clients there must be a better way.

When you switch to FreshBooks invoicing can be done painlessly and on the go, with FreshBooks, you will look more professional and help you get paid faster.

In FreshBooks you will get so many tools, you can add your custom logo and you also can change color.

Features Of FreshBook

  • Accept online payments
  • Set due dates
  • Send late payment reminders
  • Change late fees
  • Free for 30 days

2. Zoho

Sometimes running a small business can make you wish you had a few clones to manage all your paperwork trading invoices tracking payments sending reminders and recordings expenses well you can never get rid of invoicing you can certainly do it quicker and have them all organized in one place.

Zoho is an online software that is easy to use and saves your hours of data into it.

It helps you create professional invoices from customizable templates and gives your customers different payment options such as credit cards, cash, or checks.

If you do project-based billing you can record billable hours and convert them into an invoice and remind your customers to pay on time.

Features Of Zoho

  • Invoice
  • Payments
  • Estimates
  • Client portal
  • Time tracking
  • Expenses

3. PayPal Invoicing

If you don’t have a website and want to get paid for your services or goods use this free invoicing tool to request payment from your PayPal business account, when your customer receives the invoice they click on the link and pay with their PayPal account or card information.

Now we will tell you how to create an invoice using your PayPal account and also manage your invoices.

Step-1 Login in to your business account click on tools and select invoicing.

Step-2 You can customize your invoice with the company logo and unique invoice number.

Step-3 You can schedule a future invoicing date to add a reference number due date and payment currency.

Step-4 If you would like the invoice to be sent on a future date then select the date and enter your customer details.

Step-5 Next click saves and schedule this option allows you to make changes to your invoice up to your scheduled date.

Step-6 Click send which email the invoice to your customer you can also choose to share a link of the invoice with your customers.

Features Of PayPal Invoicing

  • Save invoice templates, items taxes, and customer contact details for quick entry
  • Easily follow up with reminders for unpaid balances
  • Get notified when a bill is undelivered
  • Accept partial payments and customers can even add a trip

4. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is online accounting software, you can be built and make accounting easy for modern business. QuickBooks helps you stay GSD compliant.

QuickBooks provides 100% security for your financial data all data is stored on the cloud so you can access your account or send and track invoices from any upgrades.

You can create and send professional GST compliant invoices in easy steps set automated payment reminders and track invoices till they get paid, generate GST the shorts in JSON format, and upload directly to the GST portal for filling your return.

Features Of QuickBooks

  • Get ready to use GST reports
  • Design and create professional quotations
  • Track sales, invoices, suppliers bills, and payments
  • Track cash flow with P & L and balance sheet
  • Import transaction automatically by using bank connect
  • Create budget and purchase orders

5. Microsoft Invoicing

Microsoft also provides you invoicing facilities, you can easily set up your invoice in Microsoft.

Let’s send the first invoice to a customer from home just hit new invoice and off you go start typing the customer’s name hit enter and they’re added to your list of Customers.

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