5 Best Business Planning Software 2021

If you don’t have business plan then you can’t survive in the market.

If you are an entrepreneur and ready to start your business, and you want to convert your idea into planning but you don’t know how to make a plan with the help of Best Business Planning Software.

So in this case you need an easy and simple process, these software’s will give you a simple and useful plan.

This software will help you to make a useful plan for your business, this software will guide you step by step process.

If you face any problem in the future, this software will help you to solve the problem. There are so many experts and useful resources like videos and books.

5 Best Business Planning Software 2021

  1. Liveplan
  2. EquityNet
  3. Evernote
  4. Teamweek
  5. Tettra

1. Liveplan

The first software is liveplan, if you want a simple process of creating a plan then you should use this software.

Liveplan is a useful software for entrepreneurs, live plan will help you to create a plan for your new businesses.

If you will face any problem after creating the plan, the liveplan will help you to analyze the problem. There are so many experts in liveplan, you don’t need to do anything.

With the liveplan, you can easily settings goals and measuring progress, live plan also gives you 30 money-back guarantee if you don’t like the plan.

Features Of Liveplan

  • One page plan
  • Step by step guidance
  • 500+ sample plans
  • Automatic financials
  • Lender ready theme
  • Financial performance tracking
  • Industrial benchmark
  • Sales forecasting
  • Budgeting and financial

2. EquityNet

If you are an entrepreneur and try to finding something that helps your business, then EquityNet is here to help you. If you have an investor in your company and they want proper documentation of your business then you can make it with EquityNet.

Equitynet will help you to give answer all the question that investor wants to ask you.

EquityNet will help you to prepare a professional presentation that will increase your business valuation and also will help in fundraising for your business.

You can create your business plan presentation and show your investors.

3. Evernote

Evernote provides you a single workplace, you can easily access with your whole team together. With the help of Evernote make research easy and capture captions with one click, keep your files with the work ethics.

Evernote provides you an easy way to organize your information with everyone on your project, with help of Evernote you can capture documents, scan ideas and keep the whole team on track.

You can search everything with help of Evernote, text, images etc.

Features Of Evernote

  • Keep your notes handy
  • Bring your team together
  • File text in any note
  • Go paperless with Evernote
  • Connect your favorite apps
  • Find information anywhere
  • Create better notes faster
  • Find text in any notes

4. Teamweek

Creating a business is not enough, they need a proper structure, teamweek is a perfect project planner that’s perfect for a team.

The teamweek gives you a clear view of how everything’s could be done, with the simple drag and drop interface it’s very easier to use for you.

Features Of Teamweek
Add comments directly in task to improve communication
Easily share your timeline, plans, and tasks with your team

5. Tettra

Most organizations are disorganized, they look for something unplanned. Everyone wants to build direction, collectively your team not performing well as you want.

Tettra will help you to build your team in an organized way, you will get all features in one place.

With the help of tettra your team will make better decisions and you will get a more valuable asset for your organization.

Features Of Tettra

  • Centralized and organize all your existing resources
  • Search functionality to find the answers you need quickly
  • Integrate with the tools you already use
  • Let everyone contribute to documentation and sharing
  • Manage uses and set their roles in one place

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