Top 10 Best Story Games Android In 2021

As we know that every love story and most people also find story-based game. So today we will tell you the Best Story Games Android.

Top 10 Best Story Games Android In 2021

  1. Dragon Cancer
  2. Best Luck
  3. Lucid Dream
  4. Never Alone
  5. Storm Boy
  6. Little Nightmares
  7. Lost Lands
  8. Forgotten Anne
  9. Brother Atots
  10. Valiant Hearts

1. Dragon Cancer

As we know the most important for a parent the child, but suppose that if the child is suffering from cancer then what their parents feel. So this game is based on a child cancer story, in this game, you will see how their parents and child feel. The most important thing in this game you will learn, how they will face this situation.

Features Of Dragon Cancer

  • NY times
  • N PR wired magazine
  • Radiolab
  • The New Yorker

2. Best Luck

This is a very interesting story game, in this game the main character is a child. The story based on a girl and a child, the girl come into the child’s dreams daily, because she wants to tell something about his life.

In this game you will get many puzzles and you have to solve them.

3. Lucid Dream

This game is based on an emotional story, in this game, you will see a mother and her daughter. The emotional thing in the game that her daughter can’t run and the condition of their home is very bad.

If we talk about the graphics quality of the game is very good, in this game also you have to solve the puzzles.

Features Of Lucid Dream

  • Each level with its unique magic soundtrack
  • Beautiful hand-drawn HD graphics

4. Never Alone

This game story is based on a fox and a small boy, the fox, and the small boy have to survive in a bad location.

Features Of Never Alone

  • Reimagined for mobile
  • Play both Nuna and fox
  • Explore the harsh world of the artic
  • Unlock fascinating video insight
  • Customizable control

5. Storm Boy

The storyline of this game is very interesting, in this game you will see a child who is living on the island with his family. The most important thing in the game the child will help the animals and birds on the island, and the animals and birds became his friends.

The graphics quality of this game is very high, you will love this game when you play.

6. Little Nightmares

This game is based on a small girl story, the girl has lost his memory and you have to help them. The girl life is in your hand, you have to survive them, you have to solve her problems.

Features Of Little Nightmares

  • Explore
  • Solve
  • Survive
  • Discover

7. Lost Lands

This game is based on a horror story, in this game, you will see a mother and her child. They are both afraid of the horror, and they don’t know how to solve this problem.

Features Of Lost Lands

  • Complete over 50 stunning location
  • Immerse yourself into the magic
  • Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes
  • Assemble collection

8. Forgotten Anne

This game is based on imagination, in this, you will play Anne name character. In this game, you will see after the die of a human being where his/her soul goes.

In this game you will have to solve puzzles.

Features Of Forgotten Anne

  • Discover a beautiful realized world of wonder filtered with forgot lings
  • Play the way you want

9. Brother Atots

This game is based on two brothers, in this game, you have to explore new things. In this game, you will get new missions and you have to complete them.

In this game you will see sad and emotional moment also.

Features Of Brothers Alots

  • Control both brothers simultaneously as you experience cooperative play in single-player mode
  • Solve puzzles, explore the stunning location, and fight boss battles, using unique qualities of big and little brother each varying in strength size, and speed

10. Valiant Hearts

I will not reveal this game, I want to tell you this game is based on world war-2.

If you love to play a real history based game then you should play this game.

Features Of Valiant Hearts

  • Play a graphic novel
  • A mix of exploration acting and puzzles
  • Follow the story of these valiant Hearts
  • Relive the great war
  • Interact with history

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