7 Best Free Software For Windows In 2021

Most people don’t know what software they should use for their laptops or pc, today we will tell you Best Free Software For Windows.

Best Free Software For Windows In 2021

1. Anvi Folder Locker

2. WPS Office

3. Driver Pack Solution

4. TeamViewer

5. Opera Browser

6. File Shredder

7. Recuva

1. Anvi Folder Locker

The first important software is anvi folder locker, as we know that in our computer some folders are important and we want anyone to use them.

If you want to lock your important folders and files and you should use this software,

Remember– If you want to use this software, before that you have to learn how you can set up this software on your computer otherwise you can lose your files.

Features Of Anvi Folder Locker

  • You can add a permissions option with files your
  • You can hide your files or folders
  • You can add a password protection into your files and folders
  • You will get 24/7 technical support

2. WPS Office

If you use the MS Office on your computer, but by chance, the license of your Ms office has expired and you don’t have money to buy a product key.

So in this situation, you can use ms office alternative software, you can use ms word, ms PowerPoint, and ms Excel by using this software without paying any amount.

3. Driver pack Solution

The next software is very amazing, as we know that sometimes we face many problems on our computer, sometimes most of the notification bar doesn’t show like.

  • Wife not working
  • Bluetooth not working
  • Graphics driver missing
  • Sound driver missing

These are all the problems many users face.

But using this software you can solve all these errors in a single click.

Features Of DriverPack Solutions

  • You can use it free
  • Safe for all devices
  • Available for all devices

4. TeamViewer

The next software is made for computer experts or computer professionals.

Suppose if your family computer has some problems, but they are not available here and you want to access their computers from your home and you want to solve the problem remotely.

You can easily do this by using this software, you can access any computer worldwide by using this software.

Features Of TeamViewer

  • Remote device control
  • Cross-platform access
  • Mobile devices access
  • Secure unattended access
  • Flexible file sharing option
  • Time-saving shortcut
  • Remote printings

5. Opera Browser

If you want to hide your IP address from hackers then you should use this software, this software hides your all personal details and your IP address from hackers or unwanted websites.

Features Of Opera Browser

  • You can import your bookmarks
  • You will get free VON
  • You can easily attach files
  • You will get a snapshot tool also
  • You can send file instantly
  • You can use multiple tabs at a single time
  • You can synchronize the opera browser
  • You can automatically convert time

6. File Shredder

If you have some personal photos and some personal data, and you have deleted that data.

But after some time you have sold your computer, so the new user can easily recover your deleted files and photos.

So in this case you have to use this software to permanently delete your files and photos.

7. Recuva

The last software is so important if your photos have deleted from your computer or recycle bin also and you want to recover your photos and files.

So in this, you can easily recover that using this software.

Features Of Recuva

  • Deleted files recovery
  • Recycle bin recovery
  • Lost partition recovery
  • Formation disk recovery
  • External devices recovery
  • Virus attack data recovery
  • System crack data recovery
  • All around recovery

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