10 Best Free Android Apps In 2021

As we know that everyone wants to automate things, so if you also want to automate your things then you should use this app.

So today we will tell you best free android apps that will help you to automate the things.

10 Best Free Android Apps In 2021

  1. Spren
  2. Warden
  3. AudioTube
  4. Better Portraits
  5. Fanya
  6. 4K Wallpaper
  7. Light Meter
  8. ITiny
  9. Browser Buster
  10. Radness

1. Spren

Spren is a smart notification manager for your phone, in this app you can receive the important notification instantly the rest are hidden safely.

These notifications are hidden but neatly organized to go through at your convenience.

So when you set up this app you can choose the app for which you want the notification immediately and also the apps for which you want to hide the notification.

Now you can view these notifications later on and you can also view the dismissed notifications in this app.

So the main advantage of this app is that it will reduce distraction by hiding unnecessary notifications.

Apart from that this app can also block promotional notifications from shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, and so on, and you can also block the group chat notification which sometimes is very annoying.

Features Of Spren

  • Enjoy a long period of uninterrupted work time without distraction
  • Feel less stressed and anxious and be overall much calmer
  • Be in control of your phone
  • Reduce battery consumption and increase like by reducing phone usage

2. Warden

Warden is Best Free Android Apps that is created by an xds developer, which allows you to see the apps which have loggers and trackers in them.

So basically logger in the app locks the activity, not all the loggers are bad but some of the logging tool such as acryx log which is very dangers, which can send to you data without your consent.

So basically in this app you can scan the installed app on your phone and see the number of trackers and loggers in your phone.

You can check if there is a harmful tracker or logger is present in any of the apps you have installed overall I find this app really good and basically, it offers peace of mind to see what kind of loggers and trackers you have in your phone.

So if you want to check the apps you have installed on your phone then definitely try this app.

Features Of Warden

  • Detects trackers and loggers across the whole device
  • Allows to disable all trackers
  • Advance profile based app de-bloater

3. AudioTube

With AudioTube you can play and stream music from online sources such as YouTube but with the ability to minimize the app.

Something very similar to YouTube premium you can search for YouTube videos and then play the audio from it and that’s it now you can lock your phone and turn off the display.

You can use this app with your Bluetooth speaker or also stream the music in your car.

4. Better Portraits

Better portraits is the Best Free Android Apps to create amazing portrait blur background photos with this you can simply add a depth effect to any photos.

The app detects the subject and auto recognize the focus area.

Apart from the depth effect, you can apply other filters such as color splash mono or stage lighting and so on, and believe me some of them very good there are other effects available in the app by which you can change the background with the available preset options.

Apart from that in this app, you have curve editing which lets you change the attributes of the foreground and background of any photo.

Features Of Better Portraits

  • Curve tool
  • Adjustment tool
  • Background editing tool
  • Shadows

5. Fanya

Fanya is a to-do list in a task organizer app with this you can easily create new tasks and integrate them with your device calendar.

Creating a task is really easy just add a new task choose the smart time and finish time and then the category and now you can see the upcoming and ongoing tasks on the home screen.

Apart from that you can see the task list here and such tasks from the completed or ongoing tasks.

Features Of Fanya

  • Create and updates tasks with a beautiful and simple interface
  • Add reminders with notification for your tasks
  • Manage your todo list from the home screen widget that looks fantastic
  • Create weekly and monthly repeated tasks
  • Create custom categories with custom colors to tag your tasks
  • Search your task
  • Backup and restore your full content between devices
  • Import your calendar events from Google and Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Dark theme
  • Full customer support

6. 4K Wallpaper

4K Wallpaper is the Best Free Android Apps that has some cool-looking HD and 4k wallpapers.

So first in the app, we have the home page where you can see the popular wallpapers and you can find the wallpaper collection in this app very well.

You can favorite the wallpaper or apply it within the app itself there is now also an option to preview the wallpaper download or see similar wallpapers.

Features Of 4K Wallpaper

  • Live wallpaper
  • Double wallpaper
  • Exclusive wallpaper
  • Borderlight
  • Wallpaper changer
  • Search
  • Categories
  • Download and set
  • Collection
  • Share

7. Lux Lightmeter

Lux Lightmeter is the Best Free Android Apps for measuring light intensity using the proximity sensor of your phone and then it shows you a rating.

Usually, Lux Lightmeter is used by photographers to test the lighting conditions for better results, but with this app, you can adjust your room lighting by seeing reading, you can select the room type and see if the current light in your room is enough or not.

You can measure the indoor and outdoor lighting and compare the light intensity in your room.

Features Of Lux Lightmeter

  • High accuracy light measurements and spot metering
  • Export all measurements
  • Full sensor collaboration
  • Share and export measurements
  • Bright meter helps with selecting light bulbs to install at home and installing a new lighting
  • Help relighting school

8. ITiny

ITiny is the Best Free Android Apps which has 500 plus most popular options and useful light and web apps, you can use these light in the app itself without installing in your phone.

This basically means you can save time and space on your phone so in the app, you have these predefined categories such as email, attachment, internet banking, and even game.

Apart from the predetermined categories web pages apps you can also use this app as a browser and save the web page in your favorites.

Now talking about more features you also have the radio menu which has some popular radio streams from India overall iTniy is a very good utility app.

Features Of iTniy

  • You can set ITiny as your default browsers
  • You can change your default search engine

9. Browser Buster

If you’re tired of making the decision of which movie to watch next then this app will help you to decide it in a unique way.

So once you and your friends install this app you can invite them to join a session and here you can select your country and the streaming apps and now you can start the session, and here you can swipe left if you don’t like the movie suggestions or swipe right if you like it.

The app will show you a match once you and your friends swipe right on a particular movie and now you can see which movie you all like to watch next.

Features Of Browse Buster

  • Streaming platforms supported
  • Filter the movie you see by
  • Browse solo or with a group

10. Redness

Redness is a tech news story app and in this app, you will see the tech content in a unique way.

So basically it shows you a quick 60 second videos which give you necessary details about the news from the tech world and now you can swipe right to see the next story or if you want to know more about the particular story you can click on read more and it will show you the relevant articles for that news.

Features Of Radness

  • Giveaways
  • Quiz
  • Daily tasks
  • Latest tech story
  • Play the quiz to earn rad coins
  • Complete daily tasks
  • Invest rad coins to win

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