5 Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business

As we know that now e-commerce has a wide role, now people want to create their own online e-commerce store.

If you also want to create your online e-commerce store, but you don’t know which platform is best to create an e-commerce store, we will tell Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business.

Today we will tell you 5 Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business that you can use them and build your own e-commerce store.

5 Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business

  1. Wix
  2. Shopify
  3. Weebly
  4. Magento
  5. WooCommerce

1. Wix

You need a website why do not it yourself with Wix, it’s easy to create your own stunning website.

There are hundreds of designer-made templates, no matter what business you’re in you can make your dream website with Wix.

Easily customize anything you want to get a website that’s completely original and just like that you’ve got your own website that looks amazing on all devices.

Features Of Wix

  • The freedom to create the websites you want
  • Build your unique online presence
  • Professionally designed website templates
  • Wix editor total design freedom
  • Wix ADI get online fast
  • Make your own website and get built-in tools to grow your business online

2. Shopify

To start your free 14-days trial Shopify store head over to Shopify dot com, here you see material available like pricing, blogs, and helpful resources for getting started.

How to create Shopify E-commerce Store

Enter your email address, password, and what you’d like to name your store, your store name in the domain attached to the account you’re creating, and will end in dot my Shopify dot com.

Once your store is created you will not able to change the dot my Shopify dot com domain, it’s always attached to this account moving forward and is used as your login details.

However you’re able to purchase a custom domain to replace this one if you wish.

Once ready click create your store, now enter some details about yourself, the first question reads are you already selling in this you have to select answer according to your requirement. Next, enter your approximate revenue for this business if you’re creating a store for yourself then leave the bottom box unchecked this area is especially for developers or contractors creating a store on behalf of clients then click next.

Now fill out your personal information, these details will be used as the default business address but you can always adjust these details at a later time in your admin settings after verifying the information is correct click enter my store.

Congratulations you took the first steps to start your e-commerce business, you are now in the Shopify admin of your personal online store.

3. Weebly

Weebly is the Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business a surprisingly easy way to make a high-quality website, blog, or online store, with hundreds of themes and styles to choose from Weebly.

Weebly has a powerful drag and drops site creator that makes building your site a breeze with elements for text, images, and just about everything else you’ll need no more a quick click and drag away.

Whether you’re adding pages, selling products, or optimizing for search engines, every step of creating a site is equally as intuitive and when you’re ready to publish your site Weebly works perfectly on both desktop and mobile, so you can always feel confident that your site looks it’s best.

Features Of Weebly

  • Get going
  • Get online
  • Get selling
  • Get growing

4. Magento

Bring your e-commerce vision to life with Magento is the Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business, the only platform that is capable of customizable, personalized contact, pricing, and promotions to specific audiences with drag and drop content management tools or build your own custom site from the ground up.

Easy to use tools like staging and preview put you in control of what goes live and when you can create company accounts define users and promotions and set up custom pricing and catalogs.

Reach your customers wherever they are with beautiful full-featured mobile experiences and the ability to sell across marketplaces.

You can also enable your team to make efficient data-driven decisions with business intelligence.

Features Of Magento

  • Create content with an easy to use interface
  • Personalized for specific customer segments
  • Update pages quickly
  • Easily create your site without the box templates
  • Find the data you’re looking for in just one click
  • Boots conversation through personalized
  • Allow customers to buy online or pick up in-store
  • Ship inventory to the right store at the right time
  • Easily integrate with existing back end systems
  • Assign custom catalogs and price list
  • Boots sales with a fast and convenient purchasing option
  • Centralized your data
  • Define your metrics and what data you’re using
  • Turn data insight into striking visualization
  • Add live chat for better customer support
  • Implement stripe for your payment gateway

5. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business a simple powerful and extendable e-commerce platform for WordPress, if you need absolute control over your shop starting with what you sell and how your shop looks all the way through the advanced features and scalability look no further.

No matter what you’re selling or how much you’re selling the possibilities are infinite and enemies.

Let’s imagine you’ve just started screen printing t-shirts with your first collection ready for printing and you want to sell these great designs online no matter variations they come in WooCommerce can handle it.

WooCommerce will grow with you as you add more products earn more customers and receiver more orders, you can even let your customers pay however they’d like to offer check cash on delivery, credit card or via PayPal, and more with a vast collection of other gateway integration available.

WooCommerce can calculate shipping costs and tax rules automatically for your customer to offer free shipping, flat rates, local pickups, and more out-of-the-box add in the extension and you can have shipping rules based on weight and quality or offer FedEx or UPS.

WooCommerce will let you know when it’s time to restock, there are also sleek-looking reports available that give you insight into your shop’s heartbeat.

Features Of WooCommerce

  • Everything you need to start selling online
  • Customize and extend
  • Run your store from anywhere
  • Develop without limits
  • Learn with a global community
  • Offer flexible and secure payments
  • Manage order on the go
  • Sell anything
  • Enhance your store
  • Sell to the world
  • Market your store
  • Add jetpack
  • Affordable and scalable
  • Freedom and open source
  • Content and commerce

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