10 Best Battle Royale Games Android 2021

As we know daily many games launched, but we can’t find every games,

Today we will tell you Best Battle Royale Games Android.

10 Best Battle Royale Games Android 2021

  1. Fairlight 84
  2. Final Fantasy Vii
  3. Omega Legends
  4. Apex Legends Mobile
  5. Annihilation Mobile
  6. Wex Mobile
  7. FauG Mobile
  8. PubG New State
  9. COD: Warzone Mobile
  10. Lost Light

1. Farlight 84

It is a future realistic game, in this game you will get so many weapons.

This is a very amazing game, in this game, you will get double different types of chargers points at different types of locations, you can easily survive in this game.

Features Of Farlight 84

  • Lock n’ load brand name weapons
  • Vroom, assorted vehicles
  • Light off, jetpacks
  • Expansion, team capsules
  • Charge up energy system

2. Final Fantasy Vii The First Soldier

In this game, you have to survive together, in this game you will get weapons and other things also.

If we talk about the graphics of the game is very good.

3. Omega Legends

This game is a battle royal game, you can play this game for up to 100 participants.

Features Of Omega Legends

  • Distinct hero with unique abilities
  • Battle players around the world in diverse modes
  • Large scale multiplayer battles on dynamic apps
  • A multitude of items and realistic gunplay
  • Fair and fun experience
  • Quick matchmaking

4. Apex Legends Mobile

You will get this game by the end of this year, this game will be very amazing.

The graphics of the game is top notch.

Features Of Apex Legends Mobile

  • Explore a growing roster of powerful legends
  • Choose from a diverse cast of characters to find a hero that fits your play story
  • Legends have their own unique personality, storytelling, and character profiles
  • Customize your favorite legends with unique skins to express yourself and standout
  • Choose your legends and team up with two other players join forces with friends and players alike to master team roles and dominant the game
  • Fast-paced battles utilize shorter matches and more exhilarating gameplay
  • Communication like a pro and stay the most elite load out of guns in any shooter
  • Master your legends abilities
  • Make strategic calls at a moment’s notice
  • Decide when to unleash a unique arsenal of exotic weaponry equipment and abilities

5. Annihilation Mobile

This is a story-based game, in this, you have to save an organization from the enemies.

In this game you will get so many cars and weapons.

6. Wex Mobile

You will get this game by the end of the year or in 2022.

7. FauG Mobile

As we know all that how popular the FauG mobile game, you will get this game by the end of this year.

8. PubG New State

PubG game has launched in other countries, but it hasn’t launched in India yet.

And Indian people want to play this game, this game may be launched in India, so let’s see what will be happened in the future.

Features Of PubG New State

  • More realistic and dynamic gunplay
  • Next-generation action-based interactive gameplay
  • An expansion of the original PubG universe
  • This is the true beginning for pubG on a mobile device

If we talk about this game, this game will be future realistic, you will get weapons and all other features.

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9. COD: Warzone Mobile

Call of duty is an also upcoming game, in this game, you will get multiplayer features.

10. Lost Light

This is a survival-type game, in this game you have to survive.

This is hasn’t launched yet, but I will be launch soon.

The graphics of this game is very good.

Features Of Lost Light

  • Breathtaking story mode with exploration the deepest and dark secret of the tomb
  • Unleash the hail of bullets
  • Best survival game by escaping death traps and deadly gunshots in enemies boss fight
  • Escape the maze of monks
  • Endless fun and thrilling experience like never before in tomb raiding game

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