Top 10 Best Android Apps – Free Apps 2021 (June)

As we know, daily so many apps are released on the internet, but most people don’t know which app is better or worse.

So today we will tell you Top 10 Best Android Apps that you should use in 2021.

Top 10 Best Android Apps – Free Apps 2021 (June)

  1. Zigzag
  2. Good Timepass
  3. Aodnotify
  4. Pixi Wallpapers
  5. PikaShow
  6. Butler
  7. Mutify
  8. Life lapse
  9. Sh-ort
  10. Tiitan KWGT

1. ZigZag Wallpaper

ZigZag Wallpaper is the Best Android Apps and very cool-looking wallpaper and in this, you get cool-looking twisted ribbons that arrange into an interesting pattern.

Even though it’s a live wallpaper, it doesn’t affect the battery of your phone.

There is also some customization available but for that, you need to upgrade to the pro version.

Overall if you’re looking for a simple and cool-looking wallpaper for your phone then use this app.

2. Good Timepass

Good timepass as the name suggests is a time pass app, but with the knowledge fun, and learning.

The app is a complete package for your healthy timepass and this app is divided into different categories such as knowledge, motivation, brain games, and English games.

Next, you have the information which will help you to fill your day with positivity information, this helps you to shift your mindset and also act as a reminder of what you’re truly capable of.

Apart from the knowledge category where you have a quiz and also you can practice and learn something new.

Then there are few games such as 2048, stress busters, which includes tic-tac-toe a classic stress buster game.

Overall good timepass is a wonderful timepass app that you can try these days and the best part is with the timepass you will learn something new.

February to Good Timepass

  • Positive quotes
  • Motivation to work hard
  • Inspiration quotes for everyday
  • Share quotes on social media
  • Interesting facts with favorite support and share options
  • General knowledge to learn something every day
  • Life lessons and sayings
  • Amazing facts
  • Enhance your concentration
  • Brain games and mental workout

3. Aodnotify

If you are someone who misses the good old notification led light on your phone then with this app you can get this feature on your OnePlus or your Samsung device.

The app is Best Android Apps and easy to use and once you give all permissions, you can select the app for which you want the notification alert and it basically shows you a ring around the cemera cut-out.

This app works very well and as the phone screen is emulated, it doesn’t consume any battery.

Features Of Aodnotify

  • Notification light
  • Double-tap to wake screen on notification
  • Low battery light
  • Notification light styles
  • Eco animation to save battery
  • Interval mode to save battery
  • Nighttime to save battery
  • Minimal battery consumption

4. Pixi Wallpapers

Pixi wallpapers is the Best Android Apps neat and clean wallpaper app that offers some high-quality HD wallpapers, the user interface is simple and you have the latest wallpaper which you can go through from here you can apply the wallpaper directly from the app and here you have the option to apply through the app or use system settings.

Apart from that you have the categories here and you also search the wallpaper by colour, so when you open a wallpaper you have the colour palette here on the top or you can simply use a colour toolbar to search the wallpaper in your desired colour.

Features Of Pixi Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers
  • 4D Live wallpaper
  • Gif wallpaper
  • Video wallpaper
  • Gradient wallpaper creator
  • Search by category and color

5. PikaShow

This app allows you to have a cool-looking animation while changing your phone there are more than 10 charging animations that you can apply in this app and according to you, they look very good.

So basically PikaShow customization by which you can apply the animation for charging on your phone, so in the app, you apply a live wallpaper and there are a lot of the wallpapers available in this app too and once you apply the wallpaper as soon as you plug in the charging cable you get the charging animations of your choice on your phone.

6. Butlr

Butlr is a business suits app for WhatsApp business, the app uses artificial intelligence and with this, you will be able to respond to the message and queries automatically on your WhatsApp business account.

So basically if you’re a WhatsApp business user you will find this app really useful, so one setup you can use predefined templates such as your working hours location and so on and you can also get quick replies based on the questions and also you can create your own set of questions.

In this app as well now you need to go to the IP address displayed in the app through a pc and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp web and that’s it the bot now ready to use shows you how it works.

So you can see it works perfectly and apart from the preset questions, it can also answer similar questions as well and that is mainly due to the AI function.

So overall if you’re looking for a free use business suites app for your WhatsApp business then this is the Best Android Apps for that.

Features include Butlr

  • Create a AI text chat bot
  • Add your services
  • Train chatbot without any technical skills
  • Modify questions and answers at any time
  • Receiver can choose to opt-out message any time
  • Schedule campaign for a later time
  • Support text, image, and video message
  • Send an overview message to yourself
  • Automatically import your WhatsApp contact
  • Organize contacts in categories
  • Support only valid WhatsApp contacts

7. Mutify

Mutify is the Best Android Apps Spotify adsensing app that is free.

So basically mutified detects Spotify ads and it mutes the volume and this way you can listen to your favorite playlist without hearing those annoying loud ads.

So in order to use the app, you need to make sure to turn on the device broadcast status features in the app and that’s it the app is now ready to use, and now whenever there is an ad in between these songs you will see this red bottom bar in the app and also you can switch to the different sounds track directly from here.

Features Of Mutify

  • Simple and clean users interface
  • Option to enable dark only mode
  • Manual mute button
  • Controls media without leaving the app

8. Lifelapse

Lifelapse is a stop motion video capture app and also in the app, you can make changes such as add music.

Overall lifelapse is a very good stop motion video capture app and with this, you can create a lot of creative videos.

Features Of Lifelapse

  • Multiple projects
  • Camera timer
  • Delete select clips
  • Import photos into a project
  • Back camera and selfie mode

9. Sh-ort

This is a URL shortener app, it’s basically like google link shortener or bitly.

So in the app, you need to paste the link and then the app will give a short link, and now you can give it to your friends or use it anywhere and see the real-time data in the app and.

The app shows you the number of clicks location etc.

10. Tiitan KWGT

Lots of people find widget apps for date and time and this is the widget app.

In this you can download tons of widget add on app, and this app is the free app.

So if you looking for some cool looking widgets to use with KWGT.

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