5 Best Video Conferencing Software

If you also want to stay connected with your team member then you should use this Best Video Conferencing Software.

Today we will tell you the 5 Best Video Conferencing Software that allows you to connect with your team members.

5 Best Video Conferencing Software

  1. Zoom
  2. GoToMeeting
  3. TeamViewer
  4. Webex
  5. Lifesize

1. Zoom

Zoom has revolutionized the way teams communicate whether you’re connecting multiple conference rooms or meeting with attendees from desktops or mobile devices, coming together face to face is a simple and single touch.

With the highest audio and video quality bringing your team together on zoom feels just like you’re all in the same room, it’s easy for everyone to join on video which builds trust and engagement making your team and their meetings more productive.

Features Of Zoom

  • HD video and audio collaboration
  • Integration and bots to use with zoom
  • Easy to use
  • Enterprise cloud phone system
  • All in one platform to host virtual experience
  • Connect your teams and streamline communication
  • Power up your conference rooms with videos
  • Expand traditional classroom in the cloud
  • Improve customer experience and communication
  • Increased productivity

2. GoToMeeting

With GoToMeeting hosting a meeting has never been easier, you can start by scheduling the meeting from your my meetings page to get there sign in to your account at GoToMeeting and click schedule a meeting then enter the meeting title date and time and chose your audio option.

You can opt to set someone as a co-organizer giving them the same permissions as you, you can even set a password to add a layer of security.

To host a meeting right away you can do that right from your my meeting page, simply click start your meeting then share to easily copy and send the meeting details.

Features Of GoToMeeting

  • Voice meetings and messaging
  • Power your enterprise and fuel collaboration with comprehensive unified communications suites
  • Grow your mid-size organization with the best collaboration products
  • All medical professionals to works from anywhere with simple and secure tools
  • Unified communications across all departments from the sales to customer services
  • Keep your team connected
  • Empower teacher and students
  • Simple complex communication

3. TeamViewer

TeamViewer now lets you make video calls to start a video call in the computers and contacts list right click on the name of the contact you’d like to have the call with.

You also can start a video call from the meeting tabs by clicking on the video button and inviting contacts you’d like to join the call, your partner will receive a notification asking to accept the calls.

If you like to share your screen during a video call simply click on the share screen button at the top of the video calls windows.

TeamViewer control your computer the easy way.

Features Of TeamViewer

  • Service desk ticketing
  • Enterprise remote connectivity
  • Remote access and support
  • AR workflow solutions
  • Digital customer engagement
  • Secure video conferencing

4. Webex

Introducing the all-new webex meetings with a reimagined desktop app, one button to push join the meeting.

Features Of Webex

  • Noise removal
  • Gesture recognition
  • Automatic transcription
  • Custom layouts
  • HD video and audio
  • Powerful meeting controls
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Recordings and transcriptions
  • Calendar integrations

5. Lifesize

Lifesize the cloud video service that connects you with people but you see them to truly understand them and build an authentic relationship whether using your mobile phone on the go laptop at home or having a team meeting in a conference room.

Lifesize lets you connect and share your screen seamlessly on any device anywhere at any time.

Lifesize is the Best Video Conferencing Software future of collaboration, it’s the industry’s premium 4k video conferencing service at its core but obsessively engineered for ease of use and flexibility.

Lifesize does away with extension numbers and passcodes and replaces some with names, names that have faces, and puts faces to names you’re a meeting for the first time.

You use lifesize when you don’t want to wait in traffic to pack an overnight bag, but still want to be present and engaged during the meetings, you use lifesize when you recognize the value that a video-first culture has on productivity and building authentic relationships that human connection is too important and lifesize lets you connect on a deeper level to push the limits of possibility.

When we think to connect with our team members then we need a medium to connect with them.

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