5 Best Cloud Storage Software In 2021

Manage the storage is so important task for any person who using laptops and computers, if you also want some extra space then you should use this software.

Today we will tell you 5 Best Cloud Storage Software that you can use.

5 Best Cloud Storage Software In 2021

  1. pCloud
  2. Dropbox Business
  3. Google Drive
  4. Box
  5. One Drive

1. pCloud

pCloud Premium

pCloud is the Best Cloud Storage Software that you can use in the easiest way to keep all of your files synced on all your devices that’s right when you keep photos and video music and documents.

In pCloud you can access from any PC laptop phone or tablet, you won’t even know the files are not on your device you can open any file big or small as if stored locally pictures video clips presentation spreadsheets blueprints you can keep any file you want and pCloud imagine you take a picture with your phone and it’s a pretty great picture you want to share it with your friends use it as desktop wallpaper and post it on Instagram.

For example – Upload the photos to your mobile pCloud app and you can immediately see it in pCloud Drive app on your desktop or in the web version through a browser then it takes just a few clicks to access or share the photo with anyone.

2. Dropbox Business

Work shouldn’t take a lot of work to get to after all there is no Ph.D. in retrieving the latest file or feedback from someone on your team.

Your team’s home for everything they need to collaborate and stay focused since they probably already use Dropbox, it’ll be familiar and easy they might be even thank you for it.

Everyone can access what they mean in the team space where shared files don’t take up room on hard drives until you download what you need using smart sync with file preview your team can preview nearly any type of share file, so everyone can make comments or annotations right on the work.

It’s always easy to manage your team’s data, you can control who can see or edit what you and share entire projects with anyone or unshared or with a click, so all the work stays safe and secure.

Features Of Dropbox Business

  • Share files
  • Store and backup
  • Sync documents
  • Simplify signature
  • Protect and secure
  • Be productive
  • Get desktop app
  • Get mobile app
  • Work remotely
  • Collaborate
  • Organize a team

3. Google Drive

Meet the new google drive it lets you all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer and now it’s faster and easier to use.

First, you’ll notice a single button called new which is where you go to add something to drive or create something new in google docs sheets and slides for any other drive-compatible app.

You may also notice drive is now faster and a single click lets you see file details and recent activity to open just double click the item after adding more and more files to drive you’re going to want to organize and share them.

Features Of Google Drive

  • Cloud-native collaboration apps to supercharge teamwork
  • Google’s AI and search technology helps your team move faster

4. Box

Anywhere anytime on any device that’s the way we were and when teams are trying to work to together on a presentation or get contracts reviewed and signed remotely, they need tools that work with them not against them.

That’s what box is all about secure effortless collaboration from any device, box centralizes content online and easy to organize workspaces, and empowers users to control their own content, so they can securely share large files or folders in seconds even outside their company with box finding files couldn’t be easier thanks to advanced search with metadata files never get lost in the shuffle from viewing to advanced editing.

Box is the Best Cloud Storage Software in which you can open just about any type of file make changes and save edits all without downloading the files or work together on an office file in real-time without ever leaving box plus keep the conversation out of email and with the content where it belongs.

Box provides a central place to capture feedback and automate approval workflows and if anyone needs to revert back to a previous version, it’s only clicking an away with today cybersecurity risks prospecting information is a priority on box encryption keeps content secure while centralized controls and reporting make it easy for IT to manage.

Features Of Box

  • Frictionless security
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Simplified workflow

5. One Drive

One drive is Best Cloud Storage Software, it’s a secure solution for file storage, file access, and file sharing.

With one drive you can manage all your files together which makes them easy to find and accessible on all devices and simple to share.

Features Of One Drive

  • Anywhere access
  • Backup and protect
  • Share and collaborate
  • File on demand
  • Document scanning
  • Personal vault

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