Top 5 3D Animation Software in 2021

As we know that animation has the biggest role in the market, we see in movies and in cartons people love animation. If you also want to make an animated cartoon or a video you can make it easier, today we will tell you the Top 5 3D Animation Software

But before that, I would like to tell you this software will work only if you have good computer RAM, if you don’t have enough RAM in your computer then this software will not work.

Top 5 3D Animation Software in 2021

1. Houdini
2. LightWave 3D
3. 3DS Max
4. Autodesk Maya
5. Blender

1. Houdini

Houdini is a very good software for creating a special effect, most of the big companies like Sony use this software for creating an animation video. Most of the cartoons made using this software, you will get a lot of functions in this software. In this software, you will get all the basic features like video editing, graphics designing, and animation designing.

Features Of Houdini

  • Fire and smoke simulation
  • Water and liquids surface
  • Dynamic changes
  • Bullet rigid body dynamics
  • Solids effects
  • Fast cloth and hair
  • Sand and snow

2. LightWave 3D

This software designed by new tech, this software used for computer graphics, 3D animation, movies, etc. You can easily create animation in this software, you also can edit videos. The most important thing in this software, you can integrated programming language. You also can make video games using this software, and you also can make 3D paintings. Most TV shows and movies have used this software.

Features Of LightWave 3D

  • New global illumination render engine available
  • New shaders fiberFX available
  • New openVDB production tools
  • Redesigned motion system
  • Local action center
  • Tone mapping
  • Enhanced environment light
  • Improved scene editor

3. 3DS Max

This software is developed by Autodesk, this is a professional software big movies use this software. Most of the animated movies made by this software like a space battle, you can add special effects on your videos like the same as the movie.

Features Of 3DS Max

  • Spline workflows
  • Open shading language support
  • Chamfer modifier
  • Blended box map
  • Material, texture, and color editor
  • Data channel modifier
  • Character animation and rigging tools
  • General animation tools
  • Motion path
  • Physical camera
  • Improved viewport quality
  • High-quality imagery
  • Transform technical to visual
  • Powerful scene modeling

4. Autodesk Maya

This software also developed by Autodesk, this software is used for big platforms. Disney also uses this software and many big companies use this software for making movies, but this is not free software if you want to use this software you have to buy it. You can make characters using this software, you can create animation also.

Features Of Autodesk Maya

  • Bifrost for procedural effects
  • Ready to use graphs
  • Interactive hair grooming
  • Deep adaptive liquid simulation
  • Ocean simulation system
  • Native motion library plugin
  • Animation bookmarks
  • Cached playback
  • Time editor
  • General animation tools
  • Shape authoring workflow
  • Performance capture
  • Matrix drive workflows
  • Beautiful working environment
  • Color management
  • Motion graphics toolset
  • Bullet physics
  • Geodesic voxel binding
  • Parallel rig evaluation
  • Pinto geometric
  • Arnold GPU
  • New/Remesh


5. Blender

This is open-source software, if you are a beginner and want to start your animation journey then you should use this software. You can 3D animation and 2D animation through this software, you also can video editing in this software. Most of YouTube’s use this software for making their short movies. If you don’t have money to buy paid software then you should use this free software.

Features Of Blender

  • Payton API, every tool is available for scripting and customization
  • Blenders UI, windows layout, and shortcut can be fully customized
  • Simulation
  • Integration with available pipeline
  • Video editing
  • Animation and rigging
  • Grease pencil
  • VFX edit easily
  • Modeling
  • Sculpting
  • Rendering

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