15 SUPERB Gadgets For College Students In 2021

If you’re a student and you want to automate your study then you should use these 15 SUPERB Gadgets For College Students.

15 SUPERB Gadgets For College Students In 2021

  1. TI 84 Plus Graphics Calculator
  2. Google Home
  3. Microsoft Surface 2.0
  5. Trio Triple Screen Laptop
  6. Polaroid Instant Printer
  7. 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen
  8. Moleskine Paper Tablet
  9. Benq Wit Lamp
  10. Think Ink Pen
  11. Equil Smart Marker
  12. Kombine Water Bottle
  13. RocketBook Flip
  14. Iriscan Book Scanner
  15. Kindle Paperwhite

1. TI 84 Plus Graphics Calculator

As we know, we need a calculator to solve the mathematical problem in student life, so you can use this calculator.

This is the digital scientific calculator that will help you to solve the math problem in a simple way.

In this calculator you can solve questions in a deep way.

Features Of TI 84 Plus Graphics Calculator

  • Scientific calculator with the graphics function
  • Multiple modes
  • Over 280 functions
  • Perfect for advanced and beginner courses

2. Google Home

The concept of smart learning increasing day by day, so now students like gadgets that will help them in their study, so you can use Google Home.

Basically, google home is an AI ( Artificial Intelligence) based speaker, in this google speaker you can get answers to any question.

Features Of Google Home

  • Universal mount for google mini
  • Superb cord management
  • Better sound experience
  • Easy and convenient

3. Microsoft Surface 2.0

In this pandemic situation, students need a smartphone, tables, etc, so if you also want a mixture of tablets or laptops then you should use this gadget.

In this gadget you will get features Of a laptop and table also, you can use this gadget according to your requirement.

Features Of Microsoft Surface 2.0

  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • Tablet portability
  • Stay connected with included USB-C port
  • Full HD font
  • Hi-res touchscreen


If you don’t have a touch screen laptop and you want to make it touch screen then you should use this gadget.

This is a AIRBAR, you just need to put this AIRBAR on your laptop after that it will convert your laptop screen into a touchscreen.

This gadget works on plug and play system.

Features Of AIRBAR

  • Plug and play
  • Compatibility
  • Touch using any object
  • Design for windows 10 laptops
  • Gestures

5. Trio Triple Screen Laptop

If you want to add an additional screen to your laptop then you should use this gadget.

This is a dual-screen gadget, you can use this anywhere. You don’t need to do any setup you just need to put a plug into your laptop.

6. Polaroid Instant Printer

As we know that in the student life sometimes we have to print the small document, so in this situation, you can use this printer.

This is a small printer, you can print you small small documents with this printer.

Features Of Polaroid Instant Printer

  • Smartphone memories made real
  • Stunningly vibrant prints
  • Free Polaroid mobile app
  • No computer connection needed
  • Travel-ready design

7. 3Doodler 3D printer Pen

As we know that making 3D printing is not easy, but if you want to make 3D printing then you can use this gadget.

You can use this 3D pen and you can make any design what you want.

In this pen you will get multi color option.

Features Of 3Doodler 3D printer Pen

  • The only child-safe 3D pen
  • New and redefined
  • Stem learning at home
  • New 3Doodler app
  • The complete 3D pen kit for kids

8. Moleskin Paper Tablet

As we know that every screen has a limited area, but you want to make a big project then you need a big screen.

You can use this pen, this pen will automatically connect with your computer screen, and you can make a design or anything on your notebook and it will automatically generate a soft copy of your design.

9. Benq Wit Lamp

Sometimes we need separate light for the study, so in this situation, you can use this gadget.

This is a table light, you can decrease or increase the brightness of this light.

Features Of Benq Wit Lamp

  • 150% wider
  • Mood lighting
  • Smart and modern lighting
  • Zeroflicker technology

10. Think Ink Pen

If you want to increase your focus and concentrate power then you should use this gadget.

You also can make different types of design in this pen.

Features Of Think Ink Pen

  • Top-quality metal case
  • Made of super-strong magnets
  • When you are nervous, it can help you reduce stress and ease your mood
  • When you are working and studying, it can help you concentrate and improve your work effectively
  • A wonderful gift

11. Equil Smart Marker

If you want to share your whiteboard with others then you can use this gadget.

In this gadget you will get a small device and you have to put on your whiteboard.

You also can record your activity.

12. Kombine Water Bottle

If you want a different type of water bottle then you should use this gadget.

In this bottle, you will get some extra space and you can use this space to put your accessories.

13. RocketBook Flip

If you want to share your study notes then you should use this gadget.

This is a electronic notebook and you can erase them whatever you will write.

You will get a OR code also and you can share also.

Features RocketBook Flip

  • No more wasting paper
  • Blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services like google drive
  • Allow 15 seconds for ink from any pilot frixion pen
  • This top-bound notepad contains a double-sided combination of lined and dot grid pages that allow you to turn your notebook over a new page layout
  • Paper finish

14. Iriscan Book Scanner

If you want to scan your documents then you should use this gadget.

This scanner made for personal use, you can scan any documents with this scanner.

Features Of Iriscan Book Scanner

  • Portable document scanner
  • OCR text recognition
  • Camera scanner for classroom
  • More function
  • User-friendly design

15. Kindle Paperwhite

If you love reading books then try this gadget.

This gadget specially made for book reading, when you will read the book on this tablet you will feel the same as paper book reading.

Features Of Kindle Paperwhite

  • The thinnest
  • Now waterproof
  • Enjoy twice the storage with 8GB
  • Now with audible

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